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Interview for 3CR's program 'Women on the Line'. December 24th 2018.

Interview for 3CR program 

'Women on the Line'. 



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Dr Richardson Self's seminar


About Us


history & depth

We hope to foster and enable rich engagement with feminist thought in our community. We aim to recognise and celebrate the rich tradition of feminist philosophy and theory. 

Memes and tweets expressing feminist ideas are ubiquitous. They can be bang on, succinct and snappy and can brighten your day. Alas, they might leave us hungry for deeper engagement. 

We aim to honour the work of key women, key texts and bold activists. We want to explore debates and complexities in detail and depth.


feminist space: from the ground up

Its not a feminist space unless all women feel welcome. 

- We won't run an event in a space unless there is wheelchair access. 

- Babies and toddlers are welcome - how else can single parents come?!

- There is no no dude in a suit or vice chancellor or middle man making money. 

- We don't ask women for free labour - so we remunerate our speakers at a standard sessional lecturer rate.  

- After the speaker is paid, and costs (equipment, room hire) is covered, we donate to local charities (with a view to increasing this figure in the future). This might be a domestic violence shelter or could also be an organisation that supports at-risk LGBTQI+ youth. 



All welcome to attend. We invite any interested researchers to submit proposals to run courses exploring feminist philosophy/thought. 

Priority is given to WOC, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander People. We strongly encourage you to contact us and would be delighted to hear from you.

Male academics are invited to submit course proposals however our policy is to uphold a 80-20% split. In other words, for every four women-identifying lecturers we welcome one male lecturer to present.


Kimberle Crenshaw


Crenshaw's work in the late 80s - specifically her famous use of a traffic intersection to describe the phenomenon of multiple intersecting forms of oppression - continues to animate, interest and hold us to account.

Sara Ahmed


Who felt better about having lodged an institutional complaint after reading or listening to Ahmed? We did!

Judith Butler


In the documentary An Examined Life, Butler reflects on the murder of a young gay man "he died because of his swagger... something about his walk was such a threat to society that he had to be killed for it".

Butler's work on gender and queer theory reminds us that humanity is compromised under patriarchy.

About Us

Emma McNicol, Director MCFP


"The MCFP is about celebrating feminist writers and academics in a feminist space. 

A feminist space does its absolute best to accommodate, respect and honour all women.

 Why do I believe in feminist philosophy? 

Sexism, misogyny and violence often leaves us feeling vulnerable and isolated. 

Feminist thought reminds us that this brutality 

is structural and historical. 

Basically, the MCFP aims to facilitate high quality instruction on key thinkers and texts to support and extend the feminist consciousness of Melbourne's awesome citizens."

Associate Professor Jacqueline Broad


"Feminist Philosophy is invaluable for providing the critical-theoretical tools that are needed for recognising injustices against women and girls, and for exploring ways of addressing those injustices. The MCFP will be a terrific way of promoting 

local discussion, interaction, and collaboration toward these feminist-philosophical goals."

Associate Professor Jacqueline Broad, Monash University Philosophy Department

Professor Beverley Clack


"I support the MCFP because Feminist Philosophy means having the tools to critique unjust social structures as well as the space for the kind of creative thinking that can create the conditions for a better world."

Beverley Clack is Professor in the Philosophy of Religion at Oxford Brookes University

Dr. Sara Cohen Shabot


"For me, Feminist Philosophy is not only a field where women's experiences and knowledge can be valued, but it is mainly a place where Philosophy can be 'cleaned' of its pervasive patriarchal values. Thus, I believe that the huge importance of organisations like the MCFP strives in its capacity not for 'bringing a feminist agenda' to Philosophy, but rather for rescuing the discipline from many of its deeply masculine and heterosexist premises, giving place a much more balanced and richer intellectual creation."

Dr. Sara Cohen Shabot is 

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer), Chair of The Women's and Gender Studies Program, University of Haifa